About the course

Imagine this situation: you’re sitting on this blue train’s armchair, stretching your legs comfortably, with laptop on your thighs and a cup of too hot coffee in your hand. And on your right side there she is – with her blue eyes, red lips are smiling while talking to you, her blonde hair are a little bit messy today, but she looks so good in this black dress. Just like a normal woman. Human being. You can merely see the difference, even though you were the one who programmed her.


It is said that our civilization is going to make another big scientific breakthrough – with artificial intelligence of course! And it’s not only about creating robots – it’s also video games,  smart cars, security, smart home devices, virtual personal assistants (hello, Siri, hello, Cortana!), healthcare and more! So, do you want to take part in it? Have you ever wanted to understand AI better? To create something new? To be the part of the upcoming big change? Or do you just wonder how to survive if the machines rise?

Now you can!

What’s more, all of that in one of the most beautiful cities of Poland – Gdańsk! We’re waiting for you on the beach by the Baltic sea altogether with our pierogi and other polish goodies. Go get to know our slavic culture, relax on the sand, make friends from all over the Europe and have the time of your life during one of our crazy parties!

Just don’t hesitate anymore and apply! The biggest adventure of this summer is waiting! 🙂

About us


BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 BEST has been providing communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities for students all over Europe.
LBG (Local BEST Group) Gdansk has been working since 2003 and currently we are a group of 69 members, all of whom are students of Gdansk University of Technology.



 Sara Redlarska
Main Organiser



Joanna Kruszczyńska
FR Responsible



Marcin Roszak
LG Responsible



Joanna Grądzka
PR Responsible



Aleksandra Jaczewska
Social and Academical Responsible



Karolina Daniluk
Participants Responsible