An annual festival of organizations and academic associations, organized during the Open Day of the Gdansk University of Technology. 

Czym jest FOKA?

Forum of Organizations and Academic Associations is a project implemented by members of BEST Gdańsk for future and current students! This year's 16th edition will allow you to get to know academic circles and organizations operating at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

By visiting us you can talk to members of the clubs , find out what the purpose of their organization is or what they can teach You. FOKA gives you the opportunity to join the association, according to your interests! We want to inject you with a dose of energy and motivation, show you how easily accessible is the wealth and diversity of development paths at Gdansk University of Technology!

FOKA first of all tries to instill in the student a willingness to fulfill himself, his dreams, and also make him realize that reaching the tops does not have to be so difficult and lonely!
Scientific circles and student organizations bring together a lot of people wanting to change something in their life and this project allows You to get to know most of them in one day.

Dziękujemy bardzo Pani Prezydent Miasta Gdańsk za objęcie Patronatem Honorowym Forum Organizacji i Kół Akademickich.

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Over 15 Years of Experience!

20 Academic Organizations and Associations!

Ponad 4000 uczestników!

Project team:


Aaron Wantoch-Rekowski

Główny Koordynator


Aleksandra Żabicka

Public Relations Responsible


Kamila Dworakowska

Human Resources Responsible


Kacper Sułkowski

Logistics Responsible


Karol Korzeniowski

Corporate Relations Responsible