The Engineering Job Fair is an event during which students have the opportunity to see the job or internship offers of many interesting companies. In addition, they can talk in person with employers who will be happy to answer any questions that bother them.

ITP is a project carried out annually within the walls of the Gdańsk University of Technology. During a few days, students have the opportunity to talk with representatives of dozens of engineering companies offering permanent employment, apprenticeships and internships.

When creating our project, we make every effort to ensure that students and graduates make the best use of this time. By participating in our fairs, whether online or offline, visitors can participate in workshops conducted by company representatives and learn how to build their career path.
Students also have the opportunity to consult their CV with specialists.

Ponad 14 Lat Doświadczenia!

Over 10,000 participants at the fair!

Annually Over 50 Companies!

From Students - To Students

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CV Consulting


Job Walls


Project team:

Aleksandra Kulas

Main Organizer

Krzysztof Olszewski

Main Organizer

Karol Korzeniowski

Corporate Relations Responsible

Jakub Chruśliński

Public Relations Responsible

Karolina Wilczyńska

Logistics Responsible

Jakub Deniziak

Barter Responsible

Małgorzata Karło

Human Resources Responsible

Jakub Giembicki

Design Responsible