The European BEST Engineering Competition is a project that allows you to test your analytical thinking skills and resourcefulness, in the Case Study category, as well as practical engineering skills and creativity, in the Innovative Design category.

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How do I sign my team?

European BEST Engineering Competition is an engineering competition held throughout Europe. The first step to participate is to sign up your four-member team, which will compete in one of two categories: Case Study or Innovative Design.

The most inventive, and hence the winning team of the local stage, which will take place at the Gdansk University of Technology on 26 April, will take part in the national competition a month later, i.e. on 26 May in Krakow. The best team in Poland will have the chance to participate in an international competition. The final stage, this year, will take place in Zagreb from 22 to 30 July.

The nationwide final will take place in Krakow!

The international final will be held in Zagreb!

Case Study Category

Case Study is a theoretical, problem-solving challenge that requires the analysis, research, deliberation, testing and presentation of a solution for a current economical, legal or social problem. The solution must be provided within a limited amount of time and be supported by restricted resources, such as time and money.

Innovative Design Category

The competitors should combine their creativity and knowledge to develop new technological designs or improve upon existing ones. Their professional presentation should demonstrate the technical, social, environmental, and economic impact of their design.

Patronem medialnym Konkursu Inżynierskiego EBEC został

Project Team:


Martyna Lubowiecka

Main Organizer


Sara Wróbel
Koordynator ds. Finału Ogólnopolskiego


Witold Klimas

Design Responsible


Wiktoria Kąkol

Human Resources Responsible


Marceli Noga

Corporate Relations Responsible